Geometric analysis is a method of evaluating instruments by analyzing the statistics generated by market activity like historical prices and volume. Technical traders’ attempt to use the charts in many ways to analyze the instruments they will be trading.

Image Geometric Analysis
Geometric Week Ahead beginning 29th January 2018

January 28, 2018

There are two key events to watch out for this week which are, the US job numbers and the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting.

Image Geometric Analysis
Gold 15min - Midday Geometric Post- Analysis

January 24, 2018

As shown in the chart above, the Gold on a 15min chart at the time of analysis was trading at the 1332.47 area.

Image Geometric Analysis
GOLD 30min: Geometric Midday Analysis

January 24, 2018

As seen above, Gold on the 30 min chart may have formed a parallel AB=CD and is about to

Image Geometric Analysis
EUR/GBP 4hr: Geometric Midday Analysis

January 18, 2018

The EURGBP Trade Idea has been sent as of last week and at the time, a Geometric Bullish ABCD

Image Geometric Analysis
Geometric Week Ahead beginning 16th January 2018

January 17, 2018

This week is mostly dominated by US earnings and UK trading statements, with the US financial sector and IBM....

Image Geometric Analysis
Trade Ideas: Geometric Week Ahead beginning 8th January 2018

January 08, 2018

For the upcoming week, while the US and Chinese consumer price index (CPI) will be...

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